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Saturday 4TH May Auction CANCELLED ALL FUTURE 2019 AUCTIONS CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Easter Saturday Market & Vintage Fair - 20th April! See our Events Page If you wish to visit Pateley Bridge Auction's successful farming, livestock and machinery sales website, then please click on the left-hand button below:


  • 05/04/2019 11:00 AM
  • Bridgehouse Gate, Pateley Bridge, Harrogate, UK

Re-scheduled from 6th April - taking goods-in as we speak!

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  • 04/20/2019 09:30 AM - 04/20/2019 05:30 PM
  • Bridgehouse Gate, Pateley Bridge, Harrogate, UK

Pateley Bridge Auction Room in association with Yorkshire Pickers are hosting a big EASTER SATURDAY/VINTAGE FAIR on 20th April, and would love to hear from any traders or members of the public, who would like to host a stall.

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Q: Why were there pictures of cats on your listings originally?
A: We were originally a way off from our auction on 30/06/18 and at that time didn't yet have a full catalogue, so we thought they would make you smile....

Q: What are your buyer and seller commissions?
A: We have purposely set our commissions at a level that we think will encourage people to visit an auction and also furthermore, to want to sell via an auction house. Our seller commission is 10% (plus a £1 lot fee) and our buyers will pay 15% of the hammer price.

For example, if an item were to sell with a hammer price of £100, then the seller or vendor would receive £89, and the buyer would in total pay £115.

Q: Will your auctions include an option for me to bid and buy online?
A: Yes, we have partnered with and they will be managing the online part of our sale. The sale in the room is maintained and carries on in the same way you would expect, but in the same way that items are offered to the public in-person in the bull-ring, the same goes for anyone at home on their computer or mobile device.

Q: Does bidding online affect how much commission I pay?
A: Yes and no - a number of online bidding providers simply levy a 3-4% additional level of commission to any hammer price, but ukauctioneers offer two different solutions. The online bidder has a chance to either pay a one-off/one-time fee of £3.95 in the registration process, meaning no additional commission percentage across any of the items the person might win, regardless of if that were to be one item, 20 or 40 pieces; or, they would simply add the generally accepted norm of 3% onto the final hammer price.

Most of their bidders, which number in the tens of thousands, simply pay the small charge of £3.95. To be clear, Pateley Bridge Auctions do not receive any of that proportionate fee, nor receive any of the 3% additional uplift, as it is simply a provider servicing charge.

Q: What types of goods do you anticipate featuring or selling on 30th June and in your future sales?
A: There will be a quite a wide range, some genuine antiques with more than 100 years of age to them, which may include ceramics and furniture, lots of vintage collectables no doubt, dating from the 20's to the 1960's. I'm sure we'll feature things like LPs from time-to-time, some silver and silver-plate, jewellery and costume jewellery, smoking pipes, a degree of art-deco, a lot depends what type of belongings the public wish to consign, so watch our website for the sale listings over the next few weeks.

Q: What should I do if I wish to speak with you about selling some of my items at your auction?
A: Well, we're contactable anytime, so first of all don't be shy to get in touch. To a lot of people the auction world is something totally new and we appreciate that, so we're more than happy to take as long as we need to ensure you understand the process, understand our estimates, any risks and what you can expect.

Q: Can I put a reserve on anything I choose to sell with you?
A: Yes absolutely, we would discuss a suitable price point with you and be happy to ensure that the item didn't sell below that mark.

Q: Is there anything you wouldn't accept as goods to feature in one of your auctions?
A: Obviously stolen goods is a no, as well as any prohibited items - we reserve the right to refuse an item or range of items if we feel that the quality might reflect an estimate of £10 or below. In consigning any goods with Pateley Bridge Auctions, we'll discuss at the outset how much we would anticipate each item selling for and any concerns about items perhaps remaining "unsold". 

Q: Where items are unsold, what are my options?
A: We can look to relist the item in next month's sale, for instance without a reserve or a lower reserve level if that was the reason for it remaining unsold, or alternatively, you have the right for the item to be returned to you. In either case, Pateley Bridge Auction Room reserves the right to apply a £2 lot fee per unsold item, payable by the seller/vendor.

Q: Is there anywhere I can get a drink or something to eat at the auction room?
A: Absolutely, Teacups Tearooms joins onto our payment office and they offer a wide range of lovely home cooked food and a good range of refreshments and drinks for you on the sale and viewing days. They're open six days a week and you'll always get a smiley face.

Pateley Bridge itself is a lovely traditional market town and has recently won the "Great British High Street" award. As a snapshot of a Britain we don't always see on our doorstep anymore, its a lovely place to come and visit.

Q: Is there ample parking on-site?
A: Yes, enough for around 40 cars, with there also being overflow public car parks in the village itself.

Q: What is your bidding room actually like?
A: It is a traditional farming "bull-ring", circular in shape, with the smaller goods and majority of the lots housed inside that circular display area. Seating and standing for the public is around the edge of the ring, with the auctioneer's rostrum and our TV screen at the head of the space for everyone to see.

Q: Do you have a facebook, twitter or any other media presence online?
A: We do have a facebook presence already which will feature updates periodically, whilst we are also finalising our twitter and Instagram profiles as we speak.

Q: Do I have to register with you before entering into any buying or selling with the auction?
A: Yes, we will ask for your online and home address information plus a contact number, as well as check identification at the outset.

Q: What happens to this information?
A: Pateley Bridge Auctions are 100% GDPR compliant and when completing either a seller or buyer form with us, there is a tick box to note, for you to acknowledge that we will hold any such personal information, only for the purposes of future transactions with the auction itself.

Q: If I'm unable to bid in-person on the day, do you accept telephone bids?
A: Yes we do, however only where an item has an estimate of £50 or above.

Q: Where a person is unable to attend on the sale day, but still wishes to bid, can you provide condition reports to any prospective buyer?
A: Yes, a brief written report is always available, however ultimately the responsibility for checking any goods prior to purchase remains with the buyer. We will do our utmost to guide you on an item's condition or any damage, but if you were in any way uncertain, we would always recommend visiting the sale room either on the Friday or Saturday.

Q: How long will I have to remove my items from your premises once purchased?
A: Ideally we look to clear the selling area by 6pm on the sale day, with any smalls not yet collected by that time being moved to a local storage space for safe keeping.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Items left with us beyond the Tuesday of the following week, may incur storage costs - please check with us beforehand if you are unsure or require any further advice.

Q: Do you offer delivery services at all?
A: Yes we do, however this would be on a POA basis locally. Delivery nationwide and/or internationally would be available on our smaller items with an additional P&P levy, with more information available on request.​​​​​​


10% SELLER COMMISSION (plus £1 "lot" fee) < > 15% BUYER COMMISSION

Online Bidding via UKAUCTIONEERS.COM

Always Friendly & Professional, our first run of events for 2019 kicks off on Saturday 6th April 2019


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  • Opening Hours: Saturday Sale Day from 11.30am Viewing from Friday 11am-7pm and Saturday 9-11.15am Goods In - By Appointment and all-day Thursday during sale-week Our team are contactable either via email or on the telephone during the week and weekend if you have any questions

About Us

Pateley Bridge Auction Centre 

Pateley Bridge Auction Centre is a traditional auction and sales house, providing a modern and efficient sales service in Nidderdale. Serving farmers and buyers from both the immediate area and also further afield, our business levels are constant and deliver good market prices, reflecting our high quality and volumes of stock. The auction centre has grown its sales year-on-year since 2005 and we pride ourselves on delivering national standards, a local service and consistent value for our buyers and sellers.

Pateley Bridge Auction Room

The auction/sales room that we're promoting via this website, is a new venture and one that has been borne out of a desire to present an affordable and value-adding auction service for the general public, in the Nidderdale and surrounding Harrogate/North Yorks area. We're eager to speak with you about any items or goods that you would wish to consign for sale, to give you some free advice on how to make the most out of any belongings you wish to sell, and basically to hear your story and offer our help. 

Pateley Bridge Auction Room is partnering with to enable our sellers to reach both a nationwide and international sphere of buyers, so we're confident that any items you sell with us, will achieve their maximum worth. 

Our 2018 auctions kicked off in late June and our first 2019 auction is scheduled for Saturday 6th April.

Teacups Tearooms

A Traditional Yorkshire building and once the schoolhouse in Pateley Bridge, the Teacups Tearooms is a tastefully decorated local café, serving a range of tasty well-cooked meals and other refreshments. Open six days a week, importantly for us on sale and viewing days from 10am, their range of lovely home-cooked food and hot drinks make a great accompaniment to a day at the auction.